A mother understands what a child does not say. -Jewish proverb

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We're Back!

So, it has been quiet over here for a few weeks. Life has gotten crazy.

School started back up for me. I'm taking three classes and I have to read a novel a week for two of them so most of my 'free time' is spent doing that. Seriously, I even have to read during Juliana's feedings. No worries, I read out loud to her. What? You don't read Gulliver's Travels, Pamela, Roxana and Madame Bovary to your two month old? For shame! Just kidding. :)

I have also started a Beachbody Challenge. I am eating 5-6 mini meals a day, eating clean, doing TurboFire(love love love) and drinking chocolate Shakeology. I am loving Shakeology! It is like heaven in my mouth. For real. It makes me have tons of energy too which is a great thing these days! I lost four pounds in the first week of the challenge. I haven't taken measurements but I will post progress and results blogs along the way.

Juliana had her 2 month old check up this week. We found out she has Torticollis and Plagiocephly. I have to do stretches and more tummy time than usual with her. We were told to wait it out and we would evaluate in 2 months. I, however, in my googling ways, researched it and we have an appointment with a physical therapist in Birmingham in the middle of October. Brayden goes to speech once a week so add his therapy stuff to Juliana's therapy stuff and it is a lot! Poor Corinna is going to have major middle child syndrome with all the attention that big brother and little sister get so she is my shopping buddy on the weekends a lot. Plus I make sure that her meals and snacks and my mini meals are at the same time so we eat read, and  sing songs together.

So, that's basically where we are right now as a family. I'll try to blog some about the Beachbody Challenge and Juliana's Tort and Brayden's speech therapy as time allows.

Any specific things you would like to see? Leave in the comments below!