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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

eMeals Week 1 Review

We have completed our first week of eMeals! That means we got our new menu and shopping list today. Woohoo!

Chris and I were pleased with the first week of meals. There were only two recipes that Chris wasn't that crazy about and one of those two I did not care for at all. Both involved fish. Chris was not crazy about the "Tilapia and Veggie Packets" and "Nutty Salmon." I did not care for the "Nutty Salmon" but loved the tilapia. My favorite of the week was the Crockpot Pizza. I ate leftovers for lunch twice! I love that the recipes are enough to serve 6 so we always have leftovers. Brayden only eats a small portion of what I cook. He isn't a big eater at all. Corinna cannot eat many of the meals yet, however, she did enjoy the tilapia and rice.

The meals this week included Crockpot Pizza, Taco Casserole, Tilapia and Fish Packets, Herb and Garlic Chicken, Chicken Continential, Nutty Salmon and Smoked Sausage. Each night had sides that went with it. My favorite side of the week was Linguine with Tomato and Basil. So yummy.

We are excited to try this week's menu plan which I think looks even better than last week!

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