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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nesting Phase 1

Saturday, I woke up in the mood to organize. I started in the boy's room. I did not take any pictures of the before because, well, it was quite embarrassing. You couldn't even see the floor. I honestly felt like those thieves in Home Alone trying to dodge Kevin's booby traps. We had Hayden this weekend but Hayden and Brayden helping clean their room usually is disastrous. I wanted to actually throw some stuff away. You know, those little pieces or random animals that you aren't sure where they belong. Throwing stuff away doesn't exactly happen when the kids are involved though. So, Chris took the boys to see The Croods and Corinna assisted Mommy. After working all day Saturday, I can see the floor and I don't feel like I have to fear for my life but it's still not photo-worthy. In fact, it is still a work in progress. I mean, the kids have been in there since Saturday. Enough said.

In addition to working in the boys room, I washed our bedding along with the typical laundry for the day. I put away said laundry and some of the mountain of laundry that has been waiting to be put up in Corinna's room. I was going to put away the kid's winter wardrobe but thanks to the crazy Alabama weather, it is sitting in a tote in the middle of the girl's room.

Sunday, I kind of took the day off from nesting. I did normal household chores and cooked but nothing extra. Today, we started potty training again and I'm about to go attempt to finish the boy's room. Maybe a picture will result from this cleaning session!

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