A mother understands what a child does not say. -Jewish proverb

Saturday, August 17, 2013

15 Random Facts about Me

As I was checking out blogs on Fellowship Friday over on Christian Mommy Bloggers, I found a fantastic idea over on Joyful Thrifty Home's blog. She posted 15 random facts about herself. I decided that was a great idea! So here goes:

1) My maiden name and my last name are the same. I'm technically supposed to be Amy Smith Smith. Alas, I am not, I kept my middle name. I'm a Southern woman and we appreciate a good monogrammed shirt or hat more than anyone and let's just admit that becoming Amy Smith Smith would just not be good for that. Right?!?

2) I love Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! Don't judge me.

Courtesy of Bitterstar88 on Tumblr

3) I love doing outdoorsy things like kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. but we don't do them near enough.

4) I started a Fantasy Football league this year so I wouldn't be a football widow.

5) I'm an Alabama fan but love Auburn's colors. That's basically a crime here in Alabama.

6) On another note, I'm an Alabama fan but don't desire to wear anything houndstooth this football season. Again, a crime.

7) I want to learn to sew.

8) I also want to learn to knit.

9) We put our one year old in pageants and I would do one every weekend if money and time allowed.

10) I follow Lucy Eades and Go Team Hale on Youtube and check obsessively.

11) I feel guilty for not breastfeeding our newbie.

12) I spent a whole summer in New Orleans doing mission work when I was in college.

13) I met my  husband on eHarmony but we tell most people it was through a mutual friend. Guess the secrets out.

14) My husband broke up with me to propose to me. (That might be an interesting blog post!)

15) My soft spot closed too soon and I had to have surgery to correct it at 3 months old.

Comment below with one random fact about yourself!


  1. I love meeting people in the bloggy world that are from the same neck of woods that I am!! But....I'm an Auburn grad and fan :) WAR EAGLE! (you're not going to delete this comment for that are you? ;) ) I rarely ever use my maiden name and married name initials together bc they spell the same as yours :) My mom once thought she would be cute and get me a little mirror monogrammed with my new initials on it..so funny. Nice to "meet" you Amy!

    1. I won't delete,LOL! All of my siblings-in-law are Auburn grads and our girls actually have Auburn cheerleader outfits. Nice to meet you too.