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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Skinny Joes aka Clean Eating Sloppy Joes

I'm back with another recipe review! I took this recipe from Gracious Pantry as well. It is called Clean Eating Sloppy Joes over there but I like to call it Skinny Joes. I have learned to love Gracious Pantry in my quest to feed my family a cleaner diet. My husband, however, asked how I was making Sloppy Joes better for us and let's just say that he was less than thrilled to have ground turkey AGAIN!

I did exactly what Gracious Pantry said except I didn't have any ketchup so I just left that out. It was fine without it. I'm sure it would be even tastier with it. Their recipe also calls for red bell pepper and I had an orange one on hand. I'm sure the difference was not that huge. It was super easy to make and I didn't even miss the convenience of just opening the can of Manwich. However, I do love some Manwich but I'm sure it isn't very healthy.

The finished product
I served this on whole wheat buns which I know aren't clean but I'm trying to eat 80% clean. We also had chips. I'm sure sweet potato fries would have been a much better choice. Maybe one day. Baby steps. Overall, everyone enjoyed it. The kiddos enjoyed it and the hubby ate seconds even after he complained about it being turkey!

And can I just say that I had the most fun while cooking this. The girls were in the kitchen with me and we were listening to Lady Antebellum on Pandora. We heard Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, Blake Shelton and Eric Church. We sang and danced and had a good old time. Ok, maybe I just sang. But Corinna did dance. Juliana mainly looked at us like we were crazy.

As I stated, my husband is really getting tired of eating ground turkey. Well, he's not the only one, ladies! Any suggestions on other ways to eat clean?  I have tried cooking shrimp and I'm not a fan. He doesn't like tilapia. So, seafood is kind of out I guess. What is your favorite healthy meal?

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