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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Clean Eating Danish Meatballs

Last night, I made Clean Eating Danish Meatballs from The Gracious Pantry. The recipe can be found here:

Clean Eating Danish Meatballs

I have heard of Swedish Meatballs but not Danish ones. They really weren't a lot different from what I have had before so if anyone knows the difference, please let me know below.

Anyway, they were super easy to make.

First, I made the meatballs.

They totally look disgusting here with all of the gunk around them. That gunk stuck to the foil though, so it was all good in the neighborhood. 

The recipe says to put the meatballs on parchment paper but I didn't have any. If anyone has tried or tries the recipe and uses it, you can let us all know if they cook any differently. 

Once the meatballs were finished, I started on the sauce. 

The sauce was super easy to make. I didn't really measure anything out. I just 'eyeballed' it as Rachel Ray would say. 

I served it with egg noodles. Yep, egg noodles are not clean but I couldn't find any clean pasta at Walmart. I was in the local Piggly Wiggly today and they had brown rice pasta for a dollar a bag. I googled "is brown rice pasta clean?"  and to my surprise, it is! I will be stocking up on that stuff for when I make this again. 

Here's the finished product: 

This stuff was so good! My super picky kids ate it. My hubby ate seconds! That is the ultimate compliment to me and a sure sign that it would be ok to make again. And get this, he didn't even realize that they were not beef. I told him later that they were turkey and he said, "They were?" 

I love, love, loved this recipe and we will definitely be having it again. In fact, I am toying with the idea of freezing this. I will let you all know if I do. 

Tomorrow, I will be posting about my plans to start preschool homeschool with our 3 year old and the program I plan to use. You will want to visit again because I may have a little surprise in store for you. Like something free. And awesome. 

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