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Friday, August 16, 2013

Free Google Play apps for Speech Therapy-and a giveaway!

When our three year old turned two, it was apparent that he was speech delayed. While his peers asked for a cracker or milk, he simply pointed and grunted. It was heartbreaking to realize that my child was delayed and we all coped in different ways but that's another post for another day.

He is now in therapy and only has articulation issues. It has been a long and sometimes painful road but we are better because of it.

When he received a Nexus 7 as a Christmas gift, I began searching for apps that I felt would be helpful to us. I found some free ones that have helped us tremendously. Some of our faves include:

1) ABC Toddler

This app allows you to click on each letter and a friendly voice will say a word that starts with that letter. It is great because we can focus on those sounds that he is having a hard time with currently. The sounds he struggles with now are b, p, d, t, s, and f. I'm excited about this app because it has kept him entertained and he is learning.

2) Toddler Food
This app is fantastic. As you can see, there is a smiley face at the top and the toddler can pick whatever food he wants to feed him. As the toddler picks one, the dude says things like "MMM, banana". There can also be a focus on what type of food to feed the face as you work with your kid. "Let's give the face a fruit. Which one is a fruit? Oh, an apple. An apple is a fruit." Great app and it has kept Brayden and I entertained.

3) Lego Duplo Peekaboo
 This app is so cute and I was very impressed with the quality of it as it is a free app. The little animals hide behind different Lego configurations and once the child has found them all a new Lego creation is made. My 1 year old girl and 3 year old boy have had great fun with this one. I personally like it because I can talk about the pictures with them and use lots of directional words like up, down, beside, behind and in front of.

Feel free to share any of your favorite apps for your toddlers below.

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