A mother understands what a child does not say. -Jewish proverb

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Last


Last. She’s our last. When people ask if we are going to have any more children, I can finally say with assurance that she is the last. Our final baby. A year ago, I gave people the same answer but our God had better plans for us. She was a surprise but such a wonderful one.

My labor and delivery with her was my last. It didn’t go as expected. My last labor ended in my first c-section. I was scared to death. I wouldn’t hold her afterwards. I was shaking so badly. I didn’t want to drop my last baby.

I love all of my children equally but she’s special because she is last. I want to cherish every minute of her infancy. As I hear her grunt in the bassinet next to me, I smile. I know that I will one day miss those little grunts. Those dirty diapers. Those little crooked smiles.

She is our last.



  1. There is something so special about a last baby. My last child is also a little girl who holds my heart and makes me want to hold her close and never let her grow up (although from past experience I know they don't let this happen) From the photos she looks so precious.

  2. Yes, there is! I feel so bad because I feel like she doesn't get the attention she deserves but I so cherish that time I spend with her!