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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We're back..and better(I hope)!

Last time, I updated we were doing eMeals. The subscription expired and while we loved the service, we chose not to renew for another three months. After back to back pregnancies and five years of eating junk, we have decided to start clean eating. This will make for healthier versions of ourselves and we will hopefully be around to enjoy our children longer. Eventually, clean eating should also make us 'hotter' versions of ourselves, woo! How do you 'eat clean'? I found a vlogger over on Youtube that explains it very well in this video below:

Unfortunately in small town Alabama, it is not always easy to find 'clean' ingredients so we are eating mostly clean for now. I feel like making small changes in our diet are better than no changes in our diet.
I have pulled most of our recipes from The Gracious Pantry. I will be posting a review of one of the recipes later today but for now, go check them out!

I leave you with this cute eCard that sums up what I used to think about clean eating. 

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