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Monday, August 19, 2013

What Does Your Husband Do?

Oh, I cringe when I hear this question. "Why?", you might ask. "Does he have a bad job?" Nope, not at all. He is an environmental engineer. Please don't ask me to explain what he does because I can't tell you. Someone asked today and said, "Oh, that sounds fancy." It does sound fancy but in his explaining of what he does on somedays it is certainly not glamorous (I just sang the song to spell that!).  

For example, next month he is going to San Juan, Puerto Rico. That sounds nice right? He is going to audit the rainforest. Yep, you read that right. Audit the rainforest. Umm...yeah, how does one audit the rainforest? Don't ask me. He tried to explain it to me; it has something to do with some trees needing cut down because the vegetation gets too dense and messes up the ecosystem. When he initially said he was auditing the rainforest, I was massively confused. I thought of monkeys, snakes, and lizards when he said it. But that didn't make sense because well, you can't tell animals what to do. I mean, you can't just say, "Hey, monkey, you are relieving yourself way to close to this stream here, you need to find a new spot." Because that would be a lot like this lady's  mindset and a man with a degree in Chemical Engineering is way smarter that that! 

So, I don't understand my husband's job that well but I am so blessed that he has it! Even when he claims that he is always right because apparently Environmental Engineers are always right. 

How about you? Do you have a spouse with a confusing job? Let's hear it! 

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